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  • When dwarves where a thing, they had kingdoms all over Fayrun. The biggest one in the North was Delzoun which stretched 400 miles from east to west, thrived for almost 4000 years and fell 1500 years ago. 
  • Before the fall, Gandalug Battlehammer established a mithral mine just west of Icewind Dale called Mithral Hall . They grew wealthy for centeries. 
  • After they lost the halls to the dragon, Shimmergloom they scattered along the north- most of Clan Battlehammer going to Icewind Dale with Prince Bruenor
  • They mined Kelvin's Carin for 200 years until the Bruenor reclaimed Mytril Hall (100 years ago) (In the book, Streams of Silver ) They abandoned Icewind Dale completly for Mithral Hall
  • Over the next decades dwarves moved back to Kelvin'c Cairn, now rules by Stokely Silverstream , cousine of Bruenor. They still remain loyal to Mithral Hall and continue their old ways forging weaspons and mining ore. 
  • The Cairne is filled with young dwarves that are no less gruff or stern than their cousines but also bring a lot more laughter and hospitality to the Cairn. Where it once was several mines is now several carved out rooms with doors and hearths. It's a much more welcoming place. 


Symbol of Dumathon

Crest of Clan Battlehammer

  • Mining is not nearly as good as Mithral Hall but the Iron in the Kelvin's Cairn will give enough money for years to come and the dwarves there as just as good at forging as their cousines
  • There is no real ruler, Stokley takes the role as Daine but hardly ever- the vibe is far less ridget vs Mithral Hall and that's probably why people move there
  • The people who DO fight along side Stokley don't form any military rank and are called Stokley's Boys
  • The dwarves reverse Dumathoin , the Keeper of Secrets under the Mountain. There is even a temple for him (and other dwarven gods) on the Western Side of the valley
  • Each of the products main in Kelvin's Cairn are stamped with the Battlehammer clan's emblem. A foaming mug. Some human smiths from the towns even try to imitate it with inferior work.
  • The dwarves have no formal representative in the Coucil of Ten-Towns but have been known to join in disucssions that involve matters that effectr everyone in Icewind Dale