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The Ten Towns were a loose confederation of localized fishing villages in Icewind Dale, bordered individually by the lakes Lac DinneshereMaer Dualdon and Redwaters, and the mountain Kelvin's Cairn.


Why people live in Ten-Towns[]

  • White Gold - There is a fish, the knucklehead trout, that has bones made out of Ivory. The three lakes around Ten-Towns are the only location they exist and they sell for big cash.  
  • Solitude - Outcasts, fugitives, or pariahs in search of a place where they can be tolerated, if not accepted. 
  • ExBarbarians - After the war of the Crystal Shard (100 years ago), barbarians left the Reghead Tribes and settled in Ten-Towns
  • Native - Ten-Towns is 600 years old, people were born there and it's all they know. 

Life in Ten-Towns[]

  • Life is hard work and demands cooperation. No one can make it on their own, even fugitives and scoundrels.
  • People in Ten-Towns are a diverse group from all over Faerûn. 
  • Each town are not friends- they are fierce competitors. But everyone in each town are close comrades. Think of European soccer teams.
  • Luber is scarce. Stone buildings. Pitched roofs.
  • Comfort/warmth over style.
  • Each town has a speaker who leads the community and represents its interests 8 times a year. See below for their names.

Fishing the Lakes[]

  • Without knucklehead trout, there would be no Ten-Towns.
  • Every part of the trout is useful. Even the smaller bones can be fashioned into valuable trinkets like arrow heads.
  • Except Bryn Shander every town is built on the shore of one of the three lakes.
  • The fishing boats are simple. Smallest: one-masted skiff (rowed); Largest: two-masted cogs with single decks.
  • Each ship waves the flag of their town, not the fishermen. When they find a family of fish they wave the flag and fire a cannon. The towns compete fiercely to fire more cannons.
  • Fishing is really dangerous, and demands cooperation.
  • There are small boats that don't share with the town and ride independent but they are small and don't last long.
  • Lakes are frozen during the winter.


Taking the smaller ivory bones of the knucklehead trout and carving them into ornate shapes. Accomplished scrimshanders are very respected in Ten-Towns

  • Drawing pictures on the flat surface and inking them
  • Carving out small statues

Towns & Lakes[]


Getting to Ten-Towns[]

From Luskan (20 days) 

  • Pirate city Luskan (northern most city on the Sword Coast) ==>
  • Travel along the Northern Means Road across The Iceflow River ==>
  • Arrive at Hundelstone Town (halfway point on the Ten Trail) ==>
  • Travel the Ten Trail north ==>
  • Through the North/South Pass across the Spine of the World (3 days) ==>
  • Continue on the Ten Trail ==>
  • Arrive at Bryn Shander

Ten Trail[]

  • Route typically taken by travelers coming to Ten-Towns.
  • Poor weather, broken ground, scarcity of shelter, dangers (yeti, crag cats, bandits) makes this journey very difficult.

North/South Pass[]

  • The Ten Trail through the mountain range, The Spine of the World
  • A few places of refuge dot the Pass
  • During a storm, snow can fill the pass stopping/slowing travel
  • Famous spot for Yeti attacks

The Northern Means[]

The Eastway[]

Bremen's Run[]

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