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Speaker: Giandro Holfast - Lake: Maer Dualdon - Population: 1,000

"The folks in Targos are as hard-headed as the trout in their lake. They'd rather stay up behind their walls than admit they need help from anyone. Stubborn an' proud, they lot of'em. Makes a dwarf feel right at home." - Beorne Steelstrike


  • Only other walled town (other than Bryn Shander)
  • Opposite of Bryn Shander. One is a market the other hums with the industry of the docks. One is full life, Targos is full of hard nosed blue collar workers.

Fishing Industry[]

  • Has the biggest fishing fleet, best ships, most knowledgeable sailors, best hauls
  • Everyone is super focused on fishing unlike no other town

Walled Town[]

  • The wall extends out into the lake
  • Has stipend growth in the city as people start to make homes outside the wall

The Docworkers' Guild[]

  • Only Town with a guild Shipwrights, warehouse workers, and loaders.
  • Prevent wildcats strikes
  • Trying to expand to the rest of Ten-Towns

Good and Services[]

The Luskan Arms Inn[]

  • Second oldest building in Ten-Towns
  • 200 years ago, lots of Luskan sailors came to Ten-Towns so the inn was designed too look like a Luskan Inn
  • Run by Owenn, a quiet, balding man

Three Flags Sailing Tavern[]

  • Sebdued location where sailors go to eat after a lond day's work. Sometimes it's loud after a good haul or successful conflict with Termalaine.
  • Run by Ethen or "Ma", plump, gray-haired widow. Treats everyone like her child (few of them even are!)

Graendel's Fine Dwarven Craft Smithy[]

  • Run by Graendel Granitefist, original dwarf from Mithral Hall and the War of the Crystal Shard. He came back and resettled in Targos.
  • Graendel is the only person in Targos who remembers the invasion and how Targos was almost destroyed by Cryshal-Tirith
  • He makes all of his armor to order and proud seals them with the Battlehammer seal of approval. But the waiting list is long.

Triglio General Store[]

  • Names after a chantey: "Trigl-ee-oh, lads, an' 'oist upon the line/Trigl-ee-oh, lads, an'bring yon fishers in."
  • Run by Jestin, middle-aged man. He fished until he crushed his left hand.
  • Sells general necessities. No fishing equipment though. (Offered by the guild)


Giandro Holfast[]

  • Native to Targos, makes master shipwright (the guild)
  • Proud of his town and work. Chafes him that Easthaven might outshine his town.
  • Main goal is to make Targos stand alone- and not one that it dependent on Bryn Shander, but he is not hostile about it
  • Giandro is middle-aged, dark hair, strong jaw with constant frown. Speaks in a stern, gravelly voice.