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Stokely Silverstream

Crest of Clan Battlehammer

Dain of the Dwarven Valley

The leader of the dwarves of Kelvin's Cairn, Stokely is a cousin of the great hero Bruenor Battlehammer. After leading his "boys" to help Bruenor in Gauntlgrym, he returned to his home and ruled in peace until Baerick Hammerstone brought Black Ice into the Dwarven Valley. Uncle of Helda Silverstream.

  • Oldest resident of the valley
  • "Has the mountain in his bones"
  • Is being blamed for the zombie attacks "for minign too deep into the mountian too fast, his greed has doomed us all"  (the black ice's influence makes this belivable)
  • Is being blamed for being too timid for not facing the zombie attack head on (the black ice's influence makes this belivable)

No one knows the effects of the black ice is having on them

Role Playing[]


  • Simple but not stupid
  • Practical, down to earth


  • Beleaguered (put in a very difficult situation)
  • Worried



Eleint (September)

15 - Gets into a loud fight with Baerick Hammerstone and takes a group of similarly disaffected dwarves and established a sanctum on the eastern side of the Dwarven Valley- and set up the Halls of Black Ice
22 - With more zombie attacks and dwarves joining the Halls of Black Ice, Stokely takes remaining Dwarves and heads to the West side of the Dwarven Valley to hold up in what he calls Battlehammer Hold


- He flees Battlehammer Hold with whomever is loyal to him

Stokely's Boys[]

Kelvin's Cairn is mostly filled with miners, not battle hardened warriors like the dwarves in Mithral Hall. They are still just as gruff and though but not trained in a military fashion or hold any real ranks. The dwarves that are trained for battle stand by Stokely and called 'Stokely's Boys'. 

  • There are about 80 of them, 25 are on duty at any given time

Battlehammer Hold[]

After the fight with Baerick, Stokely and his Boys fortified and are holding up in a series of tunnels on the west side of the Valley called Battlhammer Hold See The Dwarven Valley for more info