The Legacy of the Crystal Shard Wiki

Ingame Maps[]

Play Mat Maps[]

  • Advice on Map Printing
  • North/South Pass
  • Marauding Yetis
  • Slim's Ambush - It really just amounted to a hallway and a medium sized room, so a map was not used.
  • Nightime break-inGamemastery Flip Mat - Warehouse
  • Hideout Guards, Hideout Thugs - I'm adapting this encounter a bit. I'm making the hideout an old dwarven outpost that Marek and the thugs have claimed. I'm consolidating these two encounters into one using Ice Keep from the Shattered Keeps Map Pack
  • Marek the Shank - As the players go deeper into the cave to fight Marek, I will use this cave map from season 11
  • Ship Rethnor Thugs - This looks like a simple fight with tiles or a simple tavern map like this
  • Bear Tribe Camp - Might as well use the map that is made for it
  • Waterfall Cavern - still working on this one. - might have to be a custom job
  • Dragon and witchThey made a map for this encounter some time back

Monster Stats[]



Pre Gen Characters[]


  • Black Ice
    I gave my party 1 trinket of black ice yesterday (found during the looting of corpses). For the moment I am not having any ill affects, however the longer the person currently holding onto it holds onto it the more they will see each conversation and body movement as a threat to them in some way (even if it isn't) and won't know better.
  • Claendar Idea
    Create a claendar and cross out every day that passes in front of the players to build a sense of time and urgancy. It tells them that the time of day and current day is important. 
  • Keeping your Adenture Book/Campaign Guide organize