The Legacy of the Crystal Shard Wiki

Lac Dinneshere[]


  • Next to Caer-Konig , Caer-Dineval and Easthaven
  • From the mountain, the lake looks like the sky fell to the earth, dotted with tiny boats. 
  • From the ware's edge, the lake reflects the sky. Blushes pink on tranquil evenings, steel-gray when storm approach.
  • As large as Maer Dualdon but more shallow so less fish. 
  • Ecosystem: Weak. Trees stunted due to wind. Rocky banks prevent seasonal flooding. 

Ghost of Lac Dinneshere[]

  • An explorer left his wife in Luskan to make fat cash in Dinneshere. By the time he got his cash, his wife sent word that she was on her death bed. He never left Easthaven until he saw her ghost on the lake. He took all of his treasure and rowed out into the center of the lake to meet her and never returned.



  • Next to Good Mead and Dougan's Hole
  • The most beautiful lake, emerald green in the morning and sparkling silver at twilight. Least popular means the lake is more placid despite frigid winds coming off the tundra.
  • Because it's the most remote lake, towns here get the least supplies. And also the least amount of hireswords so it has the most attacks from wild life.
  • "Warm as a winter greeting in Redwaters" because the lake freezes first, fishing season is the shortest so winter provisions are scarce.
  • "Good Mead and Dougan's Hole" are always mentioned in the same breath which is ironic since both towns are fiercely independent. (Dougan's Hole hates it especially since they always come second)

Maer Dualdon[]


  • Next to Bremen, Targos, Lonelywood and Termalaine
  • An azure lake, deep, cold waters rich with trout, banks sheltered by tall growths of pine and fir. Winds protected by Kelvin's Cairn.
  • The deepest lake with the most fish
  • The most popular