• Caer-Konig, Caer-Dineval and Easthaven all fish on Lac Dinneshere. They are fiercely competitive.
  • Easthaven made the Southway and with it grew exponentially in size. Increasing the competition on the Lake.
  • The speaker of Caer-Dineval, Crannoc and other town business owners pulled their resources to purchase a Black Ice ram from the Halls of Black Ice with the intention of pushing Easthaven back
  • Their intentions were to scare off other fishermen so they carved the ram to look like Errtu, the balor demon from the Crystal Shard books. Renaming the ship to the 'Howling Fiend'
  • At first it was very effective, they scared the residents away quite effectively.
  • Prolong exposed to the Black Ice has corrupted the fishermen.. making them much more aggressive
  • Crannoc has tried to control them to no effect..

The IncidentEdit

  • They rammed into a boat from Easthaven, foundering them.
  • A boat from Caer-Dineval came to their rescue.
  • Enraged, the Howling Fiend turned back around and rammed the 2nd boat! Killing 3 fishers, 1 from Caer-Dineval
  • Since then the boat is consider outlaws and pirates.
  • They hide in a cave on the north side of the lake


Derrick the Drownder GaffnerEdit

Derrick Gaffner is captain of the Howling Fiend, a fishing boat turned pirate vessel on Lac Dinneshere. Corrupted by the black ice used to make his ship's keep, Derrick is vicious and hateful. His face is battered from a lifetime of brawling, nose- broken several times, ear- torn off, cheek - ripped up and sewed back shut with a fish hook. Bad ass.

    • Intimidating, enjoys causing fear
    • Authoritarian, intolerant of dissent
    • Hot-headed
    • Loud
    • His way or the highway

Pyrs AuliffEdit

Spy for Ship Rethnor sent to infiltrate the crew to manipulate them for Vaelish Gant's interests.

  • He was nearly rejected when he joined the crew but Derrick's greed let him on
  • He communicates with Gant through magic ritual, manipulating the crew
  • The black ice is driving him mad. He believes Gant can see every one of his movement and actions. Every action is a test of loyalty.

Creedon ConnelyEdit

The ferryman of Easthaven for the last decade.

  • Business is slow for him and he is deprecate to support his wife and five kids
  • He figured out where the pirates are hiding and has begun smuggling supplies & information to them.
  • Pyrs is having him report directly to him and is using him to filter out information that caters to the Arcane Brotherhood
  • Creedon feels guilty but wants to secure his families future before making a move against them.
  • Tall, tan, and wiry, with a mop of brown hair hanging in front of his brow.