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Helda Silverstream

Merchant of Mirabar

Niece of Stokely Silverstream. Took the last caravan north from Luskan on his way to see her Uncle to check out the Black Ice Carvings she heard about.

She offers to hire the adventures in Bryn Shander to escort her wagon to the Dwarven Valley after it is attacked by yetis.


  • 60 years old
  • Has seen more of the world than most dwarves in the Valley
  • Has grey eyes and mahogany hair that she pulls back hehind her head. She wears a hooded silver-stitched blue cloak of her clan, fastened with a silver clasp in the shap of a dwarven war axe, marking her as a warrior of the Axe of Mirabar
  • Cunning, brave, wordly, and wise
  • A combination of the diplomacy/high life of Mithral Hall, harden life of Kelvin's Cairn and the wisdom of exploring the North as a merchant 


  • Born between the union of the Silverstream and Battlehammer Clan in theDwarven Valley
  • Niece of Stokely Silverstream
  • At the unusually young age of 35, she travelled to Mithral Hall to follow the stories of her mother. Despite her father's protests, Stokley let her leave with his blessing.
  • In her ten years at Mithral Hall she learned the skills of mining and smithcraft and studied the arts of war and diplomacy.
  • Now travels from Waterdeep to Icewind Dale as a merchant selling her metalwork and jewlery 
  • Makes her home in Mirabar


Eleasis (August)

30 - Leaves Luskan

Eleint (September)

25 - Arrives at Bryn Shander
30 - Leaves for Kelvin's Cairn (if she hasn't all ready