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Ice Witch

Daughter of Soren Arensfirth

A young woman of the Tribe of the Elk. Hedrun was made Auril's Chosen and blessed with powers of ice and cold. Unable to control them, she accidentally killed the young man she loved - the son of the tribe's shaman. (Olaf Tormhaalt) Sent into exile, she has come into her own in the service of the Forstmaiden Auril.

Role Playing[]


  • Filled with Auril's fury and goals


  • Haunted by the death of a loved one
  • Very quick to anger
  • Heartless
  • Isolated
  • Merciless
  • Vengeful


  • Very loyal to Auril and her needs


Eleasis (August)

23 - Simulacrum leads savage beasts with an attack on the Elk Tribe
27 - Sends wolves to attack travelers on Bremen's Run
onward - The beasts seem to grow bolder, venturing closer to civilization
29 - Aligns with the Bear Tribe. Makes them create a temple to Auril inside [Icingdeath]]'s lair in Evermelt

Eleint (September)

26 - Simulacrum attacks Bryn Shander with Yetis

Marpenoth (October)

10 - Council of Ten Towns, Silverstream and Elkhardt declare war on Ice Witch
25 - Simulacrum sends a hoard of Yeti's to attack Bryn Shander
28 - Simulacrum sends her father Soren Arensfirth to the Elk Tribe to demand obedience


- She leads a massive assault on the heart of Icewind Dale

Marpenoth (October)

1 -