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Speaker: Kendrick Rielsbarrow - Lake: Redwaters - Population: 150

"Cut south off the Eastway after the trees thin out, an'keep walking'til ye hear the buzzin o'bees. That'll be Good Mead. If ye fall in the lake, you've gone too far." - Beorne Steelstrike


  • A very small town
  • It's main export is mead and not fishing, only a handful of ships bother anymore.
  • It's main structure is the Mead Hall
  • Old shrine to Tempus but hardly anyone goes there. Use to be more active during times of war ages ago

Kendrick Rielsbarrow[]


  • Bluff, good-natured giant of a man, tireless ambassador
  • The only thing he loves more than selling his brew is sharing it
  • He spends most of his time traveling around Ten-Towns delivering his mead
  • He means well but he is not an effective speaker, easily manipulated
  • 7 feet tall, huge physique, looks like a civilized barbarian.