Act 1Edit

Key to the Dwarven ValleyEdit

Check for random encounters using the Dwarf Mine Encounters table on the DM screen. Encounters do NOT happen in Battlehammer Hold and Halls of Black Ice.

NOTE: The numbers here do NOT match the numbers on the map of the Valley. They indicate order of events. I know this is confusing. 

South Guard PostEdit

Goingthrough the Daledrop leads heros into a guard post by the dwarves from the Halls of Black Ice. (Monster: dwarf patrol*) (Point 1 on map)

Likely order of events

  1. Try to turn Helda/Adventures away 
  2. If with Helda try to see if there anything of value they can 'confienscate'
  3. Consider ransom if they kidnap them (if they know who Helda is they will likely do this)

Primary goal: Refusing entrance into the Valley

Possible Outcomes

  • Characters can play off their doubt and paranoia 
  • If Helda tries to use her relation to gain access, she is refused "Stokely may say ye can enter, but Baerick says ye cannont, and so ye can't." (this likely leads to them attempting to kidnap her)
  • If combat does break out, their goal is to kidnap them not kill them. Although they forcibly rebuff any attempts to enter the valley

Battlehammer SentriesEdit

Stokely's boys have four guard posts set up around the valley (Monster: dwarf patrol*(Point 2 on map)

Black Ice SentriesEdit

Battlehammer HoldEdit

Halls of Black IceEdit