Speaker of Bryn Shander

Pronounced: Dew-vessa

The speaker of Bryn Shander is a young woman who has fought against prejudice to become the most capable leader the town has seen in many years.


  • Daughter of a trader from Waterdeep who settled in Bryn Shander after a falling in love.
  • Sharp-tongued; she's not hot-tempered
  • Despite age and sex, she has led the council as ably as any other speaker
  • Sparkling gray eyes, slight frame gives a girish air. Dresses in shirtsleeves and trousers, vest/coat in latest fashion


  • Strong leader with a clear vision for the future
  • Skilled at negotiation; she listens carefully, clarifies what she hears, and finds common ground


  • When she gets angry she really cuts loose


  • Her duty to the people of Ten-Towns


Eleasis (August)

25 - Speaks to Vaelish Gant, a friendly merchant from Waterdeep and trusts him.

Eleint (September)

23 - Call for election for a new Speaker. Duvessa Shane schedules it for the end of the month, on Highharvesttide


- Slim and friends capture Duvessa before her appearance, due to this she loses her seat speaker.