The Legacy of the Crystal Shard Wiki

Speaker: Edgra Durmoot - Lake: Redwaters - Population: 100

"They're an odd lot, the folks o'Dougan's Hole. Keep to 'emselves, and seem to like it that way. I only visited there once. After the first day, I got the sense they were right." - Beorne Steelstrike


  • Smallest town
  • Very underwhelming and unimpressive.
  • Just two piers and some gravel roads
  • Depend totally on fishing raw ore, they don't bother with Scrimshaw either
  • In winter, they become even more isolated- the road connecting them to Ten Towns often becoming snowed over

Twenty Stones of Thrurn[]

  • Rudely fashioned granite menhirs arranged in a perfect triangle. With a single stone anchoring the formation's center.
  • No one knows where it came from.
  • Who the heck is Thrurn? An old god?
  • The only interesting thing about Dougan's Hole

Edgra Durmoot[]


  • Never attends the holiday meetings, or summons or during winter months. C
  • Cares more about her citizens than politics.
  • Old trapper, born and raised in Dougan's Hole
  • Leathery and thoguh, Plainspoken, suspicious by nature and tends to be gruff with strangers.