Speaker: Crannoc Siever - Lake: Lac Dinneshere - Population 250, part of Ten-Towns

"When last I visited Caer-Dineval, I found the town speaker livin' in an old fort at the top o' the road, perched up there like a lord in 'is castle. What's he lord of, I'd like to know. A little pride is well an' good, but never will I understand the vanity o'men!" - Beorne Steelstrike, caravan master


  • Care means: fortress, fort, citadel, castle
  • There are 2 ways to Caer-Dineval. Alone the rocky shore of Lac Dinneshere or though the Eastway, to Loneywood, and a fairy up to town.
  • The town is set up like a spiral. The port, spirals up a hill to the gates of the Caer. All other buildings are on this upwards hill.


  • The Bastion of Lac Dinneshere, the caer was built 400 years ago by the Dinev family.
  • Shortly after it was built orcs attacked, murdered the Dinev's and claimed the caer as their own for hundreds of years.
  • Eventually the ancestors of the Caer-Dineval reclaimed the caer for themselves.

Goods & ServicesEdit

Dinev's Rest InnEdit

  • Built in a shallow dell, protects from the wind, a relief.
  • Run by Kadie, vivacious young woman with fiery red hair. Her father was the ex speaker and while she is happy to be out of the Caer, she still complains a lot.
  • Very spacious. People sit around a common room around a central fire pit swapping stories.
  • One of the first buildings you see when entering the town.

The Uphill Climb TavernEdit

  • Perched ontop of the hill near the entrance of the Caer
  • Run by Roark, a ruggedly handsome fellow who takes pains to stock a variety of foodstuff from Bryn Shander.
  • Intimate, upper class and loungey-it's contrasted by the front bar where sailors race up the hill to unwind. Last one up the hill buys a round.

Culver's ShopEdit

  • A house turned shop
  • Run by Culver Ailsen, isn't so much of a merchant as he is a collector. Aging widower with no children.
  • Really interested in the history of Icewind Dale and Ten-Towns and collects anything he can get his hands on. Perfect place to find something you can't anywhere else.
  • Knows a great deal about the history of Icewind Dale. He loves to share his knowledge with anyone who will listen.


Crannoc SieverEdit

  • Sailor and fisher
  • Hot headed, bellicose but not violent
  • Big and wide man, he bullies people into silent agreement but doesn't really know how to debate.


Eleint (September)

30 - Howling Fiend pirate crew attacks Caer-Dineval

Marpenoth (October)

1 - Ship Rethnor establishes protection racket, selling fake magical symbols on boats