The Legacy of the Crystal Shard Wiki

In various places where Cryshal-Tirith, the crystal towers created by The Crystal Shard, once stood, the dust of the destroued towers has fused with the ice to form a Black Ice. This dusky gray material is cold and rock hard, but it can be worked like metal in a forge. Now a dwarf smith (Baerick Hammerstone) crafts trinkets, weapons, and armor from this strange black ice- and Auril's Chosen has erected a tower made of the same substance.

Though Crenshinibon's (the name of the Crystal Shard) malign intelligence is gone, the black ice retains traces of its deep evil, which slowly corrupts all who come into contact with it.

One Crystal Shard was enough to cause mayhem throughout Icewind Dale for many years. How much hard will countless items formed of black ice cause?


  • I gave my party 1 trinket of black ice yesterday (found during the looting of corpses). For the moment I am not having any ill affects, however the longer the person currently holding onto it holds onto it the more they will see each conversation and body movement as a threat to them in some way (even if it isn't) and won't know better.


Eleint (September)

3 - Akar Kessell finds Black Ice in the site of the first Cryshal-Tirith in the Spine of the World