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Baerick Hammeerstone

Master of Black Ice

Three weeks ago (Elasias 25th), Baerick was a simple miner in the Dwarven Valley. When Vaelish Gant's apprentice, Pallidor, hired him to look for Akar Kessell's remains, his life was transformed. He now rules half of the Dwarven Valley in open rebellion against Stokely Silverstream with group of zenophobic dwarves (currupted by the Black Ice) in the Eastern side of the Valley called the Halls of Black Ice.


  • Armed with a great maul and plate male fashioned from Black Ice

Role Playing[]


  • Total domination of the Dwarven Valley


  • Suspicious of everyone and everything
  • Easily insulted
  • Hostile to outsiders
  • Hot-tempered


  • Controlled by the Black Ice and Akar Kessell


Eleasis (August)

25 - He and his crew get hired by Pallidor in the Dwarven Valley to look for something in Kelvin's Cairn
28 - He Pallidor and the Miners find Kessell's tomb
- - Get's possessed by Akar after freeing him
- - Heads north to the Spine of the World

Eleint (September)

3 - Finds Black Ice at location of first Cryshal-Tirith with Miners. Akar and Baerick
- - Is driven mad by it and kills his crew
4-8 - Mines Black Iceand travel back to the Dwarven Valley with Akar and Baerick
15 - Yells at Stokely Silverstream questioning his leader ship. He takes a group of similarly disaffected dwarves and established a sanctum on the eastern side of the valley- they called in The Halls of Black Ice
23 - Sells ship's ram made of Black Ice to Derrick Gaffner

Black Ice[]


A black stone as smooth as glass. It seems translucent at first flance, a trick of the eye caused it to look darker the longer you squint at it, as if the stone drinks in light.


  • Found in the Spine of the World, at the location of the long destoryed Cryshal-Tirigth (a crystal tower errectred by Akar Kessell long ago) 
  • Forged from the same essence of the evil Crystal Shard, the Ice carries traces of the shard's taint.
  • The taint slowly corrupts anyone who comes into possession of it. Although the effect is more pronounced in those who have more contact with the substance 
  • Can be forged like stone
  • Baerick is selling trinkets to Ten-Town with the guide of Kessell