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Akar Kessel

(A-car Kess-el)

Over a hundred years ago, Kessell was a bumbling apprentice mage who stumbled upon the power of the Crystal Shard and attempted to conquer Icewind Dale as the self proclaimed "Tyrant of Icewind Dale". He died in an avalanche caused by his abuse of the Shard. Now a wight, he seeks once more to bring the dale under his influence.

Role Playing[]


  • Visit vengeance on all who oppose him and destroy Ten Towns


  • Ashamed to submit to the Ice Witch
  • Bitter that the power of the Crystal Shard eludes him
  • Cocky, and confident he can't lose
  • Furious at Drizzt Do'Urden for killing him
  • Self-centered, believing that no one else matters


  • Obsessed with anything to do with the Crystal Shar

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Winter of 1351 DR

Akar Kessell kills his mentor and is cast out of the Arcane Brotherhood
Finds The Crystal Shard and becomes The Tyrant of Icewind Dale
Creates Cryshal-Tirith which leads to the formation of Black Ice in present day

Fall of 1356 DR

Akar attacks Ten-Towns with an army of monsters but loses due to being an idiot
Dies by an avalanche caused his own hand while fighting [Drizzt Do'Urden]


Turns into a wight

Eleasis (August) 1485

28 - Pallidor, Baerick and the Dwarf Miners find his icy tomb
- - Possesses them after freeing him
- - Heads north to the Spine of the World

Eleint (September)

3 - Finds Black Ice at location of first Cryshal-Tirith
4-8 - Mines Black Iceand travel back to the Dwarven Valley with Baerick and Pallidor
8-11 - Kills a party of miners and slowly turns them into zombies
12 onward - Kills another set of mining party killing several dwarfs

Marpenoth (October)

1 - Dwarf zombies spill out of mines of Kelvin's Cairn